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What we do…

At Incite Search, we source, recruit and select the right people. A candidate presented to you by Incite Search will stay longer and deliver outstanding productivity for your enterprise. Incite Search recruitment specialists have the expertise and tools to enable you to achieve a high return on your company’s most valuable investment – your Human Capital.

Incite Search delivers high quality candidates who become loyal, productive and valued employees. They’ll stay longer and deliver results which will have a profound impact on your business. Our ability to blend technical competence with business orientation assures that we will be a trusted advisor and create a hiring strategies that fulfill the business goals of you and the enterprise.

We consistently improve candidate quality, minimize turnover and help you attain your hiring goals faster, while lowering your overall investment. The Incite Search philosophy revolves around employing proactive and responsive methods, giving us the ability to accommodate your needs and ensure your success.


From the moment I met Marlo we hit it off so well. I could not have worked with a better recruiter. She was able to help me find a new and amazing company to work with in less than two weeks. She listened to what I was looking for and was able to match me so well with one of her clients. I felt respected, listened to and she was constantly communicating with me. Her follow up and communication was first class. I wish I had worked with Marlo much earlier than now. She made my job search stress free and an easy transition from one company to the next. Her energy and care for her clients are one of the best I have ever seen. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a job or are a company who needs to hire great people, please consider Marlo.

Magdalena Altman, M.A.

Marlo had a sixth sense when it comes to making a match. Not only did she find an organization that feels like a natural culture fit, she always kept my future career in the forefront of our conversation. If you are curious to see what is out there, she is the one who really knows the industry and will guide you through a career change. Thanks, Marlo!

Jennifer Blake-Holden

Being a recruiter … I didn’t expect (I would be) needing a recruiter to get a job that I love! (Hypocritical … I know) She found me at THE perfect time and learned what it was that I was looking for and what was important to me and immediately knew exactly which companies I would thrive at in the area. She put me in contact with the right people and a week later I had a job that I was excited about. Flash forward over a year later and I’m still loving where I’m at. If I were ever in a situation where I was looking for a new position Marlo would be the first and only recruiter I’d reach out to.

Greg Johnson