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At Incite Search, we source, recruit and select the right people. A candidate presented to you by Incite Search will stay longer and deliver outstanding productivity for your enterprise.

Incite Search recruitment specialists have the expertise and tools to enable you to achieve a high return on your company’s most valuable investment – your Human Capital. Our sourcing and selection process are state-of-the-art, utilizing best-of-breed technology to perform your recruitment tasks to help you find and select the best talent. The Incite Search team of recruiters have years of experience in employing world-class assessment

and selection tools, gives us the ability to serve you, our clients more effectively and efficiently than anyone in the industry.

We consistently improve candidate quality, minimize turnover and help you attain your hiring goals faster, while lowering your overall investment. The Incite Search philosophy revolves around employing proactive and responsive methods, giving us the ability to accommodate your needs and ensure your success.

Incite Search delivers high quality candidates who become loyal, productive and valued employees. They’ll stay longer and deliver results which will have a profound impact on your business.

Our ability to blend technical competence with business orientation assures that we will be a trusted advisor and create a hiring strategies that fulfill the business goals of you and the enterprise. We can manage the hiring process, including:

Project-based recruitment services
Hourly contract recruiters
Candidate sourcing and database mining
Administration outsourcing
Applicant tracking and process management
Resume screening and handling
Test administration
Behavioral tests and assessments
Role play interviews and simulations
Phone interviews
On boarding
Candidate care centers
Talent management
Exit interviews

Helping you achieve “Equanimity” at work


We provide consulting and executive search solutions. As a personalized service to our clients we offer recruiting strategies, interviewing techniques and competitive market research. We believe in building strong partnerships with both our clients and candidates. We offer our candidates interview preparation, resume consulting and resignation preparation.  We tailor our searches based on your in depth requirements and have successfully built executive teams and partnerships throughout the California market. Our competitive advantage is our comprehensive understanding of the recruitment industry and our ability to quickly identify talent. We continue to grow and expand our network by creating trusting candidate and client relationships. Incite Search is devoted to your companies success.

Our clients are valued, so we invest considerable time with our clients prior to beginning a search. This time ensures that we develop a deep understanding of our client’s organizational culture and their unique requirements.

Incite Search specializes in the recruitment of a wide range of positions including:

    account executives
    executive recruiters
    branch managers
    practice manager
    Managing partners, up to C-level executives.

Our Mission is to apply our services and expertise toward our clients’ success by making immediate, distinctive and substantial impacts on their business performance.

Career Opportunities:

    IT Recruiters
    Full-Cycle Executive Recruiter for IT Recruiting and New biz dev.
    Account Executive for IT Staffing
    Sales Managers
    Managing Director


   Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
   San Francisco/Bay Area

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