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Incite Search gets rave reviews from clients throughout the United States.

Marlo is very high level and helped me find the best company ever!! I have been with this company for about 2 years now and plan on many more!! Thank you for your hard work and for listening to my needs and interests!!

Marlo reached out to me almost 5 years ago when I was just a few months into my first job in recruiting . She knew I was not looking for a new position at the time but really took the time to get to know me and understand what type of change I may someday want to make. I stayed with that company for almost 5 years and then took some time off. Marlo was my go to recruiter when I decided to start to look for a new home and that is what she has found me. I have been with my current company for 6 months now and am so happy! Although during the 5 years of getting to know Marlo I never took one interview, she didn’t give up. She got to know me so well that she knew exactly the type of company I would like once I decided to make a move and that is what makes a recruiter great. Marlo is well networked, knows everything about recruiting, and is open and honest throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Marlo and am so happy with all she has done in helping me find my new home!

Piper O'Brien

Marlo is absolutely one of the best recruiters I know! She really helped me and many of my friends with our career path. She showed so much support and interest in me. She made herself available around the clock whenever necessary and walked me through every step of the interview process. Marlo has placed me in my current company and I never felt happier in my career. Thank you Marlo – You are very much appreciated.

Caitlin Toohey

Where do I begin? I have no idea where Marlo came from or how she found me to begin with but I am SO glad that she did. Despite not knowing much about me, she somehow managed to connect me with an opportunity and team that I not only likely never would’ve found on my own, but that also happened to be a perfect fit. Having never worked with a recruiter before, I was not sure what to expect but she made the entire process so easy and seamless. I always felt well-informed, prepared, and genuinely cared for. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I will happily recommend her to anyone who is looking for a top-notch, personable recruiter. Thank you Marlo- you are the BEST!

Christina Truong

Marlo reached out to me when I was looking for a new opportunity. She was very fast with setting me up with quality interviews at reputable companies that matched my interests. She was with me every step of the way with feedback and insight on each hiring manager and company. Anything I needed was only a text away and she would make sure she would keep herself available if I needed anything at any time.

Paulina Modarelli

Marlo is an excellent example of someone who listens to the needs and goals of others. I was not anticipating to move as quickly with my job search and was not jumping too quickly at the first thing I saw. However, Marlo matched me with an amazing firm right off the bat that meshed very well with my career goals and aspirations. Let’s just say, she hit it out of the park! I love the people I work with and the environment I work in day-in and day-out with plenty of opportunities to be successful in my role. I would recommend anyone utilize Marlo’s services to find dedicated and career-oriented professionals in the staffing world.

Brian Bocchino

Marlo is second to nobody when it comes to helping people attain the success and career direction they are longing for. Marlo first reached out to me during a time that I was not actively looking for a new opportunity, but she didn’t let that stop her from keeping in touch over the years. It wasn’t until recent that I started looking for a new role, and sure enough, Marlo was the first to answer. Thoughtful, compassionate, persistent, and understanding, Marlo has the talent and capability to assist candidates at any experience level, and will work relentlessly until she finds you exactly what you’re looking for. I have found a new home at my current position, and couldn’t possibly be in a better spot, thanks to Marlo.

Ryan Lynch

Marlo Neeham is the best in the business when it comes to helping recruiting personnel reach the next level in their career. Marlo found me via LinkedIn when I was only passively searching for a change. Not only did she connect me with the outstanding company I now work for, but she stayed with me during the entire process. She made my transistion easy, and truly cared about what I was looking for in a move. I would recommend Marlo to everyone looking to reach their next career goal!

Niko Knechtel

Marlo is absolutely fantastic! She reached out to me when I wasn’t actively looking for a new opportunity and I am really happy she did. There is no doubt she loves what she does and people love working with her. She truly cares about her people and has deep relationships with her clients. I really appreciated how accommodating she was throughout the entire interview process, always working around my schedule and listening to my questions and concerns. She made herself available around the clock whenever necessary (despite the time difference) and walked me through every step of the interview process. Her knowledge and expertise in the industry made me feel well taken care of. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a talented, hard-working, and awesome recruiter!

Stacie (Shogan) Dattoli

Marlo reached out to me when I wasn’t actively looking for a new role but I’m very happy she did! She connected me with a great new company and career and made the entire process seamless. She is diligent and genuinely cares about the candidates she places. I would refer her (and already have!) to anyone looking for a new opportunity in staffing,

Jennifer Weiner

Marlo is AWESOME and I highly recommend her for your next career move! I was contacted by Marlo via Linked In about a new opportunity she had available for one of her many great clients. I was not looking for new positions at the time but I thought I would at least hear her out, you never know. She submitted my resume and got me an interview that same day! I was offered the position just a few days later and I accepted. I would have never known about the great opportunity Marlo had in store for me if I had not taken the time to talk to her. She helped me step by step through the process and made the transition go very smoothly. Marlo helped me understand my worth and I am now happily employed at my new job with am increase in pay and better benefits. Thank you Marlo!

Crystal Campbell

I was referred to Marlo through a friend and she was the most proactive and professional recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with. Within her first 2 days of contacting me she had set me up with 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers by the middle of the following week. I couldn’t believe how fast everything moved.

Jose Galvez

A friend of mine referred me to Marlo to help me find a new start and a new career. She contacted me immediately, and within 72 hours I was hired for my current job and I could not be happier! She even followed up with me during my first week! She genuinely cares about her clients, and is a great person to work with!

Cory Yriarte

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Marlo. Being in the recruiting industry myself, I know how important it is to have a recruiter you can trust. The approach Marlo took with me is the exact approach that I strive for my recruiters to follow every day. She has the ability to understand what is important to you in your career. She cares about putting you in a situation that matches your goals and lifestyle. Her follow up is incredible and you can count on her for timely feedback. I am incredibly grateful for the role that Marlo placed me in, and appreciative that she still keeps in touch with me to make sure I am happy. She’s turned into a good friend and I would recommend Marlo to anyone who is looking to make a career change or any company looking to grow their team.

Stephanie Ackerman

She is super easy to work with and I recommend Marlo to anybody who is searching for a new opportunity as well.

Working with Marlo was fantastic! I highly recommend Marlo Neeham to any company. She was always on her “A” game when working with me and kept me in the loop at all times. Marlo has great communication skills and her knowledge and expertise in the staffing industry is superb. I was very impressed by her professionalism and the way she handled the process from start-to-finish. A++

Nicole DeLue

Marlo exhibits high energy and maintains excellent communication and top notch business standards. Demonstrating excellent follow up and awareness, she approached me during a brief time when I found myself out of work and in a position to consider a variety of options. She presented me with several good opportunities and placed me with a company with a good reputation for business ethics and an interesting and exciting career path. She knew when to push and when to back off. I recommend working with Marlo if you have the chance.

Justin Williams

She is truly a professional at her job and I would recommend her to anybody. Thanks Marlo!

Marlo is absolutely fantastic to work with; she is diligent and professional and most of all, truly caring. I would recommend Marlo to anyone that is looking for a true partner in finding their next position or looking to find the next member of their team.

Jason Wyman

It’s hard to summarize all of Marlo’s strengths and good qualities in a recommendation, but I will try: I worked with Marlo at the earlier stages of the recruiting company that she founded and started, called Incite Search. Marlo’s passion and enthusiasm for being an entrepreneur is extremely admirable and quite infectious because I decided to leave my “safe” job to join her on a recruiting adventure. I did so, and I have no regrets! Back to Marlo’s strengths: Marlo is an exceptional relationship builder and a downright charmer! She genuinely likes people and it shows in everything she does. She has exceptional sales abilities which enabled her to continue to bring in new clients for Incite Search. At the same time, Marlo is also a creative recruiter who is able to turn over stones to find those A-player, golden nugget passive candidates companies want. So, at the risk of writing a book, I will end with saying that Marlo is unique in that she is able to build relationships and bring in new clients, while simultaneously having the skill-set to “back it up” by actually doing top-notch recruiting. This skill-set is rare, as there are a lot of recruiters out there that do not want to bring in their own clients. I recommend both candidates and companies to hire Marlo Needham for their staffing/recruitment needs, as they will not be disappointed and will receive exceptional service & commitment!

Keenan Field

I have worked with Marlo for a few years and she continues to submit quality candidates and she is very responsive when a need arises. She understands our business and more importantly, our culture.

Emily Vallerie

Marlo did a fantastic job helping me land a great position with a super company. I worked with several different recruiters and Marlo clearly stood apart from the rest. I found her to be very informative and extremely responsive to my questions. Marlo went out of her way to proactively follow up with me to keep me abreast of the progress. She showed a genuine interest in me and I thank her for her help. I recommend Marlo to anyone who is looking to improve quality of work environment.

Randy Franks

I was astounded by Marlo’s passion and drive to help me search for a position that was suitable. She is very quick with her responses and very dedicated to her work. I am still in touch and would recommend her as she is a great asset.

Morgan Sabo

Marlo provided our team with top-notch candidates. During the time I worked with Marlo, talent was at a premium and she was diligent in her search methods. She possesses a full understanding of the staffing industry and maintains a strong book of prospects with stellar reputations in the industry. The thing I like most about Marlo is she is a phenomenal advocate for both her clients and her candidates. She has a positive attitude and her perseverance that is unmatched by her peers. I readily give Marlo my endorsement.

Cathy Scurci

Marlo is outstanding at what she does. She convinced me to take a chance and it was exactly what I needed to further my career in recruiting. She went out of her way to ensure that the entire process was easy and efficient. She has great energy and such a contagious positive outlook! Marlo helped me see the big picture and gave me all of the information and insight I needed to make the decision that was best for me.

Nicole Heitz

Marlo is an exceptional recruiter that has a great sense of the marketplace. She is excellent at identifying a candidate’s needs and pinpointing the right opportunity for them as well as coaching them through the process. I would highly recommend any company to trust Marlo in finding them the best of talent.

Stephanie Daniels

There is OH SO much to say about Marlo Needham. During my time in the recruiting world, I have yet to see many that possess the expertise, dedication, professionalism and truly just the overall care and concern Marlo has and executes in her craft. She is a master at building relationships and juggling the challenging task of full desk recruiting. (not to mention running her own company!) She will go to bat for you and work hard to find the right match for both clients and candidates alike. Marlo not only is someone I am lucky to know in my professional life, but she has also become a friend.

Brent Underhill

I worked with Marlo when she did contract recruiting at Williams Lea. She is driven and capable of finding the right person for the right position. She takes the time to understand your business needs and she has a real talent for reaching passive candidates. She is persuasive and I was always impressed with the candidates she presented to us. Overall, Marlo is a pleasure to work with!

Lauren Jamison